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Online Counselling via skype, email or instant messaging.

What is online counselling?

Online counselling takes place via the internet either by video, email or instant messaging. Like face to face counselling we will work together to build a safe and confidential therapeutic relationship and address the issues and goals that you want to work on. It can be a convenient alternative to face to face counselling if your lifestyle involves working shifts or long hours, family commitments and child care issues, if you have mobility issues or any other reason that may make it difficult for you to travel for regular face to face appointments. You may also prefer online counselling if you find it difficult to speak about your problems to someone in the same room.

How can online counselling help?

Online counselling can be extremely effective for overcoming anxiety, sadness, worry, stress, relationship problems, self-confidence issues, and many more of the challenges that life sometimes throws at us. However online counselling is not for everyone and it is important to be aware that it offers a different experience to face-to-face therapy and there may be both advantages and disadvantages which will depend on the individual. For example there are the obvious lack of visual cues and physical presence that come with working with a counsellor face to face which need to be taken in to consideration when working together online via text. I would recommend that you take some time to research and consider the differences between online and face to face counselling before making your decision.

Online counselling may be suitable for you if:

• you are comfortable using the internet and communicating online
• you like to write and can communicate via text
• you are willing to be honest with yourself and your counsellor
• you are willing to enter into a process of growth and change and take responsibility for participating in the process
• your life or work commitments prevent you from attending or travelling to regular face to face appointments
• you are reluctant to see a therapist face to face in an office environment
• you live in a remote area where a counselling choice is limited or not available

Online counselling is not suitable for you if:

• you are in crisis or suffering from severe mental health issues
• you are under 18
• you are not comfortable using the internet and communicating online
• you don't like to write
• you are looking for a more in depth, face to face counselling experience
• you are not ready or willing to fully embrace the process of growth and change

How it works

I deliver online video counselling via Zoom


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